At Arrow Jets, we usually get a lot of questions about the service we run. To clarify some of the more common questions we have, we’ve decided to develop an FAQ to answer most of your pressing questions.

Where do you fly to?

If you want to go somewhere, we’ll craft a bespoke flight to get you there. We have a wide range of locations we can fly to, and the traditional rules of commercial carriers do not bind us. We put the needs of the client first.

Can I carry a pet?

We allow for pet travel under special arrangements. Contact our office to find out more about pet travel.

What’s the cost of traveling to a location?

Each location is different, and the cost varies depending on the type of plane, the distance it has to travel, and whether there are other add-on services attached. We’ll be willing to give you a quote when you request our service.

I have to get to a particular location by a specific time. Can you do it?

Absolutely. Just let us know your itinerary, and we’ll develop the routes you need to get there.

Do you fly nonstop?

If the location is within a single flight range, we can get you there nonstop. However, there may be multiple stops with certain flights, depending on how far away the destination is. In those situations, we will inform you beforehand about the stops so you can plan accordingly.

Do you do multi-hop flights?

If you intend to do some island-hopping, we can accommodate that. Once we have your itinerary, we can plot out the dates and times you’d need a flight available and ensure it’s there, waiting for you.

Is there a baggage limit?

We don’t have baggage limits. Unlike commercial flights, which have to pay per kilogram of weight on board, we include luggage cost in our estimate. You won’t have to worry about being turned away for a single suitcase that’s overweight or having too much luggage to walk around with.

Can I drink on board?

Yes, in fact, depending on the add-on services you ask for, we will even provide the drinks. We like to think of the Arrow Experience as an upgraded version of first class. The same comforts you’ll get flying in a commercial liner first class you’ll have with our service. The only difference is that we’re miles better at doing what we do.

Do I still need a passport?

Yes. While you don’t have to go through a lengthy boarding process to get on the plane, you’ll need your passport for your destination. Traveling without it could lead to significant inconveniences at your destination.

Are your locations only in US territories?

No, we can craft bespoke flights that can traverse the globe if you want to. Thanks to our large fleet and availability of cabin crew, we can put together a flight that suits your needs exactly. We’re just as happy flying to the Caribbean as we are flying to Bangkok.

Where can I sign up?

We have our contact information right here on the site. You can send us a message or call our number to arrange for your adventurous getaway.

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