Private Jet Amenities

10 Private Jet Amenities Every Business Jet Traveler Will Appreciate

With their luxurious interiors and myriad amenities, private planes and their private jet amenities are the ultimate luxury mode of travel. From seats designed with comfort in mind to ultra-plush pillows and blankets, these aircraft offer travelers the chance to relax and unwind during even the most grueling of trips.

And with so many private jet amenities to choose from, business jet enthusiasts have numerous options when it comes to selecting just the right features for their aircraft.

Private Jet Amenities For Business Travelers

Here are ten private jet amenities every business jet traveler will appreciate when hopping aboard their next flight.


Many private jets have a separate bedroom, living room, and dining area. This allows business jet travelers to have some privacy on their flights.

The bedroom allows business jet travelers to get a good night’s sleep before landing at their destination, or it can be used by executives traveling for leisure.

There may even be an option to dim or turn off all of these lights if business jet travelers want to rest while they fly in style.

Comfortable Seating

Of course, a business jet’s main purpose is to get you to your destination efficiently and on time. But if possible, you should consider maximizing comfort on board with private jet amenities such as comfortable seating.

Seat design and layout will differ between private jets of different sizes, but larger jets tend to have customizable seat configurations. That means passengers can pick optimal seats for reading or relaxation before arriving at their destination.

And when it comes to materials, most people agree that leather beats fabric any day of the week—you may even want to upgrade your seating area with whole leather chairs!

Expert Bespoke Service

Traveling on a private jet means you don’t have to worry about delays or frustration with travel on commercial airlines. With a private jet, you can start your journey whenever it’s convenient. You get bespoke expert service when you travel in a private jet.

The staff working on a business jet know exactly what they’re doing and serve passengers individually. Many travelers also receive VIP treatment at destinations while traveling on their jets because of their unique perspective as top clients and frequent flyers.

Luggage Assistance

Getting off a business jet with luggage can be a challenge. At most private jet terminals, you’ll find people who will help you move your bags out of your car and into a porter’s hands—without setting down your briefcase or breaking stride.

The same is true if you’re arriving in a car: Someone will always be there to help with luggage. It may not seem like much, but it makes traveling that much easier.

Savory Meals

After a long day at work, what’s better than landing on a private jet and being served a fine meal? There is no hassle of waiting in line for an overpriced burger; with gourmet meals cooked to order and freshly prepared, business jet travelers get it all.

Tender lamb chops or fish-of-the-day accompanied by fresh greens, creamy potatoes, and crunchy breadsticks – you can see why few things are more rewarding than ditching those commercial travel amenities for these tasty treats.

Great Entertainment

On business jets, travelers enjoy free fresh snacks, TV, and movies on demand, Wi-Fi connectivity, and much more. The world of in-flight entertainment is improving all the time – for your next trip, you might see a great deal more than you’ve come to expect in the past.

If you’re flying with clients or coworkers who want to catch up on their favorite shows or who want to get some work done during your flight, you can take advantage of preloaded shows and movies as well as internet connectivity via satellite links.

Fast Boarding Procedures

Getting on board a private jet is similar to boarding a commercial plane. The biggest difference, of course, is that you don’t have to walk through crowded airport terminals to get onto your flight. You can drive up to your aircraft and board as quickly as possible.

Business jet travelers benefit from fast boarding procedures, unlike their commercial jet counterparts. If you are attending an important meeting or event with tight schedules, fast boarding procedures can make a big difference in getting everyone where they need to be on time.

Uninterrupted Wi-Fi/Cellular Network Access

For people constantly on the go, it can be frustrating to try and stay connected without Wi-Fi or a cell network. However, business jet travelers get uninterrupted Wi-Fi/cellular network access, so they won’t have to worry about being offline during their travels.

Whether you want to make conference calls or send emails when you’re flying, it’s all possible on a private jet. So, your next big idea doesn’t have to wait until you land and have Wi-Fi service again – making it one of the private jet amenities you can’t go without.

Access to More Airports

Most importantly, private jets can fly to more airports than commercial airlines. You can often land in a small airport near your business meeting or vacation destination.

You may not have time to go sightseeing, but it’s nice to know you have options without renting a car. If you do have time for travel, you’ll find lots of small regional airports with private jet terminals where you can enjoy easier access with fewer crowds and less hassle.

Flexibility To Travel with Pets in The Cabin

Private jet travelers and jet owners themselves are well aware of how much stress is involved in traveling with pets in a traditional commercial aircraft. However, those issues are completely avoided when traveling in a private jet.

A private plane’s cabin area is far more spacious than that found on commercial airlines. If you’re planning to travel with your pet on a private jet, rest assured that there is plenty of room for Fido to stretch out comfortably during his trip. Moreover, he can enjoy all of his favorite treats and toys with these private jet amenities.


All considered, traveling on a private business jet will give you a leg up, whether that leg involves taking your vacation to the next level, or whether it involves your competition. The time you save is immeasurable, and you enjoy the very best in luxury and private jet amenities along the way. And should you need to charter a private aircraft, check out Arrow Jets for exceptional service, from booking to arrival.

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