Benefits of Renting a Private Jet

Benefits of Renting a Private Jet

A private jet seems like the realm of the unattainable. In the past, it was, but with lots of private jet companies these days offering affordable services, it’s become more accessible. As the price of airplane travel decreases, the cost of private flights becomes more within reach for the average individual. The New York Times notes that the demand for charter flights is surging as more people realize they can afford a private jet to a location of their choice. It’s pretty obvious to someone who has flown on one of these chartered flights the benefits they present. For those who haven’t experienced this type of flying, we’ve broken down the benefits of renting a private jet for your perusal.

  1. Faster Method of Travel
  2. People who have taken commercial flights to locations know that they can be pretty inefficient. An airline will try to cover as many routes as possible given their time. However, it’s simply impossible to have efficient flights to every destination, given a commercial jet’s fuel and maintenance cost. If you want to get from one point to another at the lowest possible time, your best option is a private jet. These jets can set their own routes, and the only stops they make are for refueling. There are no long waits in airports waiting for a connecting flight anymore. Getting to your destination faster is always a good plan.

  3. Land Closer to Your Destination
  4. Commercial airports have to be of a specific size. Large planes need a particular length of runway to land and take off. Thanks to this stipulation, commercial airports are massive and usually surrounded by empty space. To get to your final destination, this typically means that you’ll probably have to take another plane or some other form of public transport to get there. With the price of air flights being what they are, it’s a shame you can’t get closer to your destination. With a private charter plane, you can. These planes can land at smaller airports and get you as near to your destination as possible so you can simply nip over when you get there.

  5. Choose Your Aircraft and Interior
  6. Flying with a commercial airliner means dealing with the standard setup for the interiors of these airplanes. That means the tight seats with no legroom and no ability to walk about as you wish to. If you’re paying for a flight, why should you put up with this type of interior? A private jet allows you to stretch your legs and a choice of interior decor and setups to work with. Need window seats for everyone in your party to watch the approach? That’s one of the benefits of renting a private jet. Everyone can have a window seat if possible. Interior decor and design can be as friendly and inviting as you want them to be.

  7. Determine When You Fly
  8. Commercial flights have the drawback of requiring you to fly on their schedule. If you’re heading to a location that only has a limited number of flights, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of plotting your logistics in advance. You might end up wasting time at a place where you don’t need to be. Private jets remove this concern by allowing you to pick your flight time and your destination. Busy business people don’t have the time to waste figuring out these flight schedules. Even personal assistants can only do so much to reduce time wastage. Private charter flights remove this concern by giving you a flight for which you get to pick the landing time. That means less time wasted in locations you don’t need to be.

  9. Secure and Discreet Travel
  10. When traveling to distant locales, you may not want everyone knowing you’re going there. Some meetings need to be kept discreetly for security purposes. However, a commercial airliner has its own security concerns. When so many people travel on a flight, they need to obey certain restrictions to guarantee everyone’s safety. Your security as an individual matter much less to them than the security of all on board. They may even be willing to give up your itinerary to certain government agencies if asked for it. A private charter jet doesn’t have those stipulations applied to its passengers. Thanks to client confidentiality, a personal charter service can keep its clients’ itineraries safe and secure from prying eyes, regardless of if it’s public or private entities.

  11. More Efficient Business Travel

Time is money. This adage is well-known by many business people because it’s generally true. More time spent in transit to a location means less money being made. Commercial flights with their multiple-hour layovers and countless stops can be an extreme time-suck for business travel. However, business people have no choice in many cases because they can’t afford chartered flights. Up until now, that is. With the more affordable charter services offering flights to business clients at comparative rates to commercial airliners, why pay more for less? It’s far more efficient to travel for business on a chartered flight than on a commercial flight at a negligible cost difference.

Flying Private Changes Your Life

When you hire a private jet, you realize that commercial flights are far inferior. One of the benefits of renting a private jet is that you get to avoid dealing with the hassle and the lines of commercial aviation. What’s more, you get to set your own schedule and figure out your logistics as an independent individual. Let Arrow Jets help you arrange your flights to your destination. The Arrow Experience guarantees our clients get the best of all worlds. From planning to execution, our flight staff is ready to serve you. Why not give us a call today and find out more about Arrow’s flights. We think you deserve to have the life-changing experience of a chartered flight. Call us today to book your destination!

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