Summer Vacation Destinations

Beat the Heat with These Cool Summer Vacation Destinations

About 208 million American adults plan to travel this summer. Some are looking to beat the heat at the beach, at a waterpark, or inside an air-conditioned museum, while others plan to cross state and country lines to explore new lands.

However, you may be part of the demographic that is yet to decide their top summer vacation destinations. If that describes you, then you’ve landed on the right piece.

Let’s explore five cool summer vacation destinations that’ll help you beat the heat and get back rejuvenated for the rest of the year.

Victoria, British Columbia

If you’re looking for a travel destination not too far from American soil but chilled enough to keep you cool through the summer months, Victoria, British Columbia, may be a great spot. The average maximum temperature between July and August in this part of Canada hovers around 68 degrees.

Tourists also tend to flock to Vancouver Island, where whale watching, music, and theater festivals are some of the highlight events of the summer months.


Some travelers refer to Iceland as the land of fire and ice. That’s because of its gentle mix of hot and cold temperatures. During the summer months, Iceland enjoys cool, temperate weather.

There are several places you can visit during your Icelandic summer tour. For instance, Reykjavik packs great modern architecture, delicious local cuisine, and a hip entertainment scene. You can also tour Iceland’s rugged landscape through the Golden Circle.

Temperatures in this Nordic nation can also get a bit chilly. When that happens, you can dive into the Blue Lagoon, a stunning thermal spring that gives a sauna-like experience.

San Francisco Bay

You don’t have to leave American soil to run away from the scorching summer sun. One of the coolest summer vacation destinations in America is San Francisco bay.

The Bay area’s odd climate results from the Mediterranean climate and Pacific winds. The Mediterranean climate keeps the temperatures mild over winter. The breezy Pacific winds facilitate cool weather in summer by blowing over the surface to keep temperatures low.

The average maximum temperature in San Francisco Bay over summer thus rarely exceeds 70 degrees.

The only downside to being in the cooler parts of San Francisco Bay over summer is the cooling fog. At times, it becomes too obscuring and depressing. Thankfully, you can head to other warmer areas of the bay, such as Silicon Valley and Half Moon Bay.


Bali is one of the hottest vacation destinations on the calendar, save for summer. This island destination enjoys cooler weather with manageable humidity levels from June through August. You can bury yourself into the hustle and bustle of Kuta, then head up to Ubud, where the air is a bit breezier.

Ubud also offers a scenic landscape highlighted by mountains, rice terraces, forests, and volcanoes that you can explore.


Seattle is one of the coolest major cities in America during Summer. The large water masses surrounding this city, including Lake Washington and the Puget Sound, help moderate the temperature and humidity under the scorching summer sun.

In most cases, the average maximum temperature in Seattle over summer rarely exceeds 75 degrees.

Despite the cooler temperatures, the summer in Seattle is still bright and sunny. That makes it possible to have fun outdoor activities and exploration. Seattle has a lot of culture, extraordinary sceneries, and amazing breweries.

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