Private Jet Interior

Private Jet Interior: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Private jet travel is rapidly evolving, with industry players innovating to push the experience of private jet travel further from commercial. Customization is one of ways that private jets set themselves apart from the commercial airline industry. 

So, what does that mean to you as a private traveler?

The Evolution of the Private Jet Interior

Building a luxury private jet interior has been the goal of design in the private travel space. However, traditionally, private jet companies have made interiors surrounding the structures built by aircraft engineers. Today, the innovation drive is to create relevant and suitable cabins.

This evolution is seeing large leather chairs, cedar and walnut tables, and gold trim get thrown out of the window in favor of wireless technologies, lighter components, and a customizable space that both an elite athlete and middle-aged businessman will find appealing.

The goal for modern private jet interior design is more permissive design freedoms than commercial cabins, creating a more wholesome experience for the private traveler.

Features and Amenities You’ll Find Onboard

The features and amenities you’ll find aboard a private jet are also changing, as more are being added to suit the executives and VIP guests traveling privately. Some of the top features and amenities include:

Luxury Lounges

Modern private jets pack a lot of space, so that fitting recliner-style seats, overstuffed sofas, and personal entertainment consoles are possible even in the smaller jets. Modern cabins are configured to give guests ample headroom and legroom with plenty of personal space for storage.

Most cabins are also ditching traditional bulkheads, ceilings, and walls for more spacious and functional spaces. These spaces are divided into “zones” or “rooms” through the clever use of materials and furniture.

Dedicated Bedrooms

British Airways rolled out the flatbeds back in the late ‘90s. This new form of luxury soon became a staple in most private planes and first-class or business-class commercial flights. However, in larger private jets, there are dedicated bedrooms fitted with King-size beds for extra comfort and relaxation during flight.

Some of these dedicated bedrooms come with master suites just like you’d find in a home or five-star hotel.

Conference Facilities and Meeting Rooms

For private business travelers, the time spent on air is precious for doing business. Some private jets come equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities and meeting rooms. These spaces are furnished with leather chairs, surround sound, built-in video systems, and Wi-Fi.

Full-Service Kitchens

You can expect to find a full-service kitchen stocked with fine foods and beverages in most modern private jets. Therefore, you can choose to bring along or hire a Michelin-Star chef and request that your favorite meals and provisions are stocked before take-off.

A Few Tips on Getting the Best Onboard Experience

You are guaranteed to enjoy the cabin space in most modern private jets you’ll fly in. However, a few tips can help you better prepare for a great flight.

Avoid the Red Wine

It is okay to carry alcohol on a private jet. However, the FAA requires that only the flight crew serve the alcohol.

It is best to avoid red wine. Beverages can spill under heavy turbulence, and the cost to replace stained interior components is very expensive.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Luggage

There are fewer restrictions in a private jet on how much luggage and the kind of luggage you can bring on board. However, there are still limits. Talk to the flight company in advance to know how much luggage they’ll be able to allow based on the plane’s fuel and weight limits.

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